New! Our Community Parent/Child Playgroups!

When my son was little, I used to find the coolest toys to bring with us to the local tot lot to play.  It took a little effort, but soon he would be surrounded by kids playing with him.  My son has cerebral palsy and couldn’t do the things that the other kids could do at the playground, and this helped him connect with friends.  As I got to know other parents and he played with their children, we became a real part of our own community.


Everyone needs friends.


But if you are raising a young child with a development delay, disability or special health care need – connecting with other families in the community can be challenging and the fear of rejection can be overwhelming.   Last year when Family Resource Network (FRN) surveyed the families that we had served, what we heard is that families wanted more opportunities to get to know each other in their local neighborhoods and communities.


We listened!  Family Resource Nework is proud to create more of these opportunities throughout Alameda County with Our Community parent/child playgroups.  Our Community playgroup is an exciting new opportunity for parents and children to come together for casual play experiences and activities.  Parents and children get a chance to socialize, play, have fun and get to know other families in their area.   We welcome all Alameda County families with a child 0-5 who has a developmental delay, disability, special health care need and/or social-emotional concern. 


Playgroups are organized by a local community parent working with FRN.  Our Community playgroups are FREE and run in partnership with local libraries and city Parks and Recreation departments.  Each playgroup meets once a month.  The parent leader coordinates a fun activity, and everyone gets a chance to get together to be an active part of it.  The only catch, you have to register to attend.  When you do, we’ll be ready and waiting with smiles and new experiences designed just for you and your child.


So, come join us as we plant the seeds for many new friendships and become a part of Our Community!


Eileen Crumm, Family Resource Network Executive Director