About Us

Welcome to the Family Resource Network (FRN) Website.

Located in our new home in San Leandro, FRN is a parent-directed community-based organization that serves families of children with disabilities or special health care needs. We primarily serve children 0-5, as well as children and youth 0-21 with special health care needs.  We have provided services to families throughout Alameda County since 1992. 

FRN offers peer support, information & referral, advocacy, and training to families in Alameda County who have children with disabilities from birth to age 22.   Our trained staff can answer common questions regarding a child’s disability, offer guidance navigating complicated service systems, help to locate community resources, and provide emotional support.

Parents, professionals and interested community members are invited to browse our pages for information, download publications, access a calendar of upcoming events or link to additional disability advocacy efforts. Please join our mailing list, become a volunteer or find out more about our services.

Together, strong families, dedicated professionals, welcoming communities and responsive systems contribute to the quality of life for children with disabilities.

The ongoing success of the Family Resource Network relies upon the support of our funders, contributions from community organizations, volunteers, and the generosity of individual donors.


 歡迎瀏覽家庭資源網絡 (Family Resource NetworkFRN) 網站。

位於屋崙(奧克蘭)市的家庭資源網絡是由一群家長主導的社區組織,專為家庭子女中具有殘障或特別健康護理需求者提供服務。 1992 年以來,我們一直為阿拉米達縣居民提供服務。家庭資源網絡營運經費來自 BANANAS, INC. 的贊助 (501c3)

家庭資源網為阿拉米達縣內具有殘障者(從出生至 22 )家庭提供同儕支援、資訊與轉介、輔導支援和培訓。我們的培訓員可以回答有關兒童殘疾方面的問題,指導家庭了解各類複雜的服務系統,協助家庭尋找社區資源及提供精神支援。