Family Resource Navigators Staff

All staff members provide one-to-one parent information and support including helping parents learn about their child’s disability, what services they may be entitled to and how to advocate for those services. We also discuss treatment and program options with parents to help them make decisions that work for their children and their family. Our staff offers emotional support to each family based upon the family’s needs and preferences. We understand how confusing the service system is and how isolating the experience can be. Our goal is to help families feel more confident and more capable in caring for their child with disabilities. We offer clear, parent-friendly information, strategies for problem solving, and emotional support.

Each member of our staff has different areas of expertise, some of which we learned ‘on the job’ in relationship to our own child’s growth, development, unique challenges and successes. From that starting point, staff are extensively trained to navigate all of the service systems.  Our knowledge comes not only from laws and policies but because we, and our children receive services from many of the very same agencies.



Our Staff and Volunteers


  • Eileen Crumm, MPA, PhD is the Executive Director of FRN. Eileen is a long time community advocate with wide ranging experience in special education, conflict resolution, regional center and transition from school to adult services. Eileen is the proud parent of two children, one with a physical disability and special health care needs who is an avid Oakland As fan. As a former political science professor with a degree in public policy analysis, Eileen has a strong interest in negotiation and meditation. She teaches an educational advocacy class for parents and is currently working on a book length manuscript on negotiation strategies in special education for parents and advocates. Eileen currently serves as the training co-chair for the national advocacy organization, the Council of Parent Attorneys and Advocates.

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  • Sonia Waters has been with FRN since 1993 as a Resource Counselor. Sonia has an adult son with developmental disabilities who is a talented and accomplished musician. Sonia works with parents on all types of entitlement programs, and has great skill in working on education issues. She has been particularly effective in promoting parent involvement at schools and encouraging the use of alternative dispute resolution. Sonia provides support and outreach specifically to the African American Community and represents FRN in inter-agency activities. She also serves as a Family Voices California representative on the Prematurity Summit, and has testified at the California State Senate on issues concerning premature infants.

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  • Carol Cohen is FRN's Parent Health Liaison and the mother of two young adults, both of whom have special health care needs and are currently attending college. In addition to providing parent support to families, she is responsible for coordinating family centered care activities for children with special health care needs. Carol provides direct services to families of children in the CCS system, helping those families to access the services that their children require. Carol serves on many community workgroups and committees including the Special Needs Subcommittee, and CRISS.

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  • Cam-Mi La speaks Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese and recently joined FRN as a multilingual Resource Counselor. She is the mother of two adult children and has extensive knowledge of the regional center system and its services. Cam-Mi offers one-to-one assistance to families of young children. Cam-Mi is responsible for the production of outreach materials in Chinese and Vietnamese, offers workshops in those languages and conducts FRN outreach to Asian communities in the county.

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  • Emilee Leon is the parent of three elementary school-aged children and works as a Spanish speaking bilingual Resource Counselor. Two of Emilee's children receive special education services. Emilee's children love dancing and swimming. Emilee, together with Yaneth Maldonado and Silvia Gonzalez, works with a growing number of monolingual Spanish speaking families. She works both with families of young children as well as families of children in the CCS system. Emilee helps organize the Congreso Familiar conference as well as conducts outreach to Spanish speaking families in the county.

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  • Yaneth Maldonado is a Bilingual Resource Counselor and has been with FRN for 10 years. Yaneth is the parent of a teenager with a physical disability and special health care needs who loves taking walks by the beach. Yaneth provides direct services to parents in Spanish and English, assists with support groups, workshops and focus groups for Latino families. Yaneth is extremely knowledgeable about services such as IHSS, SSI and MediCal and provides families with invaluable guidance in accessing these systems. She also provides support to families in the community in her scheduled visits to the CCS Medical Therapy Units. She coordinates with community partners to offer the Congresso Familiar event, as well as numerous Spanish language workshops.

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  • Corina has B.A. in psychology and a background of working with the subsidized childcare system. Corina is the mother of a beautiful son who receives special education services and enjoys swimming, playing with his iPod and listening to music. Corina works with the other bilingual staff to assist monolingual families in the Early Start, Help Me Grow and prevention programs. Corina currently works on the committee for the STAR Conference for Families with Children with Autism.

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  • Young Ha is the Korean Resource Specialist for young children and families. She has been involved in her communities by organizing fundraisers for the Albany special education, special bike camps, and Korean language schools, and advocating for Asian families with special needs and domestic violence-related families. She has a beautiful daughter who attends college and a great son who goes to high school and loves animals and sports. Her son has autism and epilepsy, so she is a good advocate for the autism related issues, such as how to navigate the health insurances, IEP process and the recreation programs. She works in the Early Start program providing support and referrals for young children and their families. Additionally, she does outreach for Asian communities, translates outreach documents for FRN, and interprets for Korean speaking families in the county. She enjoys gardening and creative writing.

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  • Larene Pare is the Program Manager for the Help Me Grow Program, a partnership with First Five of Alameda County. Larene is the mother of three children, one of whom receives special education services, has special health care needs and is a social butterfly. Larene has been active in the disabilities community for many years serving as a parent board member for Disability Rights California (Formerly Protection and Advocacy Inc.) and most recently the FRN Board. Larene enjoys reading, travel and relaxing with family and friends.

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  • Silvia Gonzalez is a Spanish speaking Bilingual Resource Counselor assisting families in the Prevention Program (PRRS) and Early Start program. She is a proud mother of 2 children.  Her youngest son receives special education services. She takes pride in being able to support families navigate the services available to them and provide assistance to parents.  


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  • Rocio Peralta is the newest Spanish speaking Bilingual Resource Counselor to join the staff at the Family Resource Network.  She is a proud mother of 3 children: one in college, one in kindergarten and the youngest who has a speech delay, is in preschool.  Through the support of the Help Me Grow staff, Rocio's daughter was evaluated and is now talking much better.  Rocio is currently taking Early Childhood Development classes at Chabot College and will be getting her Associate Degree in ECD. She enjoys going to the park with her two youngest children and making craft projects with them. 

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  • Lilian Ansari M.S. is the Project Coordinator for Project Leadership, a partnership with The Lucille Packard Foundation and Family Voices of California.  The project's mission is to increase the ability of families to advocate for the needs of children and youth with special health care needs, and to encourage more families to take on leadership roles.  Lilian is the mother of two children whom receive special education services and have special health care needs.
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  • Fanny He is the newest member of the Family Resource Network team. She helps with managing FRN’s data, financial records and documentation. Fanny is a bilingual Chinese and English speaker.  She has two children, the youngest of whom receives special needs services.



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  • Kanakavalli Kannan is a consultant supporting data analysis for FRN. She is a parent of an elementary school-aged child with special health care needs. 

  • Eman is the Operations and Communications Manager for the Family Resource Network.  When not working for FRN, she moonlights as a DJ for the Bay Area community.



  • Rachida is FRN's newest Bilingual Resource Counselor, fluent in Arabic and French.  She works with families in south Alameda county running the PERS program.  Rachida also is in charge of FRN’s new Toy Lending Library.