Parent Leadership

The Family Resource Navigators provide information and training to parents and professionals. Information may be provided individually, based on the expressed needs of clients. Our staff is prepared to respond to your request over the phone, mail written information to you, or suggest a website, workshop or conference for you to attend.

Along with meeting the daily care needs of a child with disabilities, many parents struggle to understand what services are available or how to get them. FRN staff members are trained to help you navigate through the maze of services while providing assistance and guidance on how to determine the most appropriate services for your child and family.

Because informed parents are better able to participate effectively as partners in service planning and treatment decisions, the Family Resource Network offers many free parent education workshops throughout the year. Workshops are classroom-based learning opportunities that also offer time to connect with other families.  Workshops are offered in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese./p>

Recent Workshop Topics include:

Parenting & Family Life
Coffee and Conversation (Drop in Group)
Make and Take (Keeping Medical/Therapeutic Records)
Disability Specific (Autism, Cerebral Palsy, Epilepsy etc)
Health Care Issues (including insurance access)

IEP Rights and Responsibilities
Financial supports (SSI, IHSS)
'Turning Three' on Transition to Preschool
'Moving On' series for young adults
The Safety Zone

In addition to informational workshops, we offer smaller more individualized information in 'clinics'. Clinics are designed to assist families to access information more informally and provide individual consultation to address specific questions or concerns on topics including the Individualized Education Program (IEP), Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) and Transition Services.

Please check our current calendar for upcoming workshops and events.

To assist us with planning, advance registration for classes, workshops, clinics or events is required.  All workshops are free. Child Care or Family Involvement stipends may be available for some activities. Please ask about these when you call. If you need additional accommodations or interpreters, please let us know in advance. All locations are wheelchair accessible.

Who may participate in FRN activities, workshops, & events?

Any family member, professional or community member with an interest in individuals with disabilities may participate. Note that some activities/workshops are limited to parent participants, some focus on certain age groups, others on the type of disability.

If you are not sure if the workshop is designed to meet your expectations, please give us a call to get more information. We also offer training or staff development activities specifically for professionals. Alameda County parents and professionals have priority to register for space-limited events except in those instances when the event is jointly sponsored by organizations serving families who live in other Bay Area Counties.

Community Outreach
Family Resource Navigators staff are available to present information on disability issues and the perspectives of families to groups, classes, community agencies and professional groups. Staff are also glad to present an overview of our services to community organizations that serve children.

To arrange for a presentation to your group please call 510.547-7322. Outreach activities are available in English, Spanish, Cantonese, Mandarin and Vietnamese.







咖啡與交談 (歡迎偶訪)

製作並帶回家 (組合醫療/治療記錄資料)

診斷之確定 (自閉症、腦性痲痺、癲癇等)

健康護理問題 (包括取得保險服務)

「個人教育方案」(IEP) 的權利與義務

財務支援 (SSI社會福利援助IHSS家居護理)




除了提供培訓班外,我們更提供較小型、個人化「諮詢時間」。以便協助家庭取得較明確的資訊,及解答個人特定的問題或疑慮,包括個人教育方案 (Individualized Education ProgramIEP)、個別家庭服務計劃 (IFSP) 和轉置服務( Transition Services)等問題。


為方便我們的規劃順利,請對要參加的課程、講習會、諮詢時間或活動作預先登記。所有講習會皆免費提供。有些活動更可能提供托兒服務或津貼。Please ask about these when you call.請來電查詢。若需要額外的特殊協助或要求提供口譯員,請預先通知。所有活動地點都具有方便輪椅出入的設備。