Prevention Resource and Referral Service

Family Resource Network is a clearinghouse of information on children with disabilities in Alameda County. We have lots of information about community organizations, service providers, research, disability related and parenting articles as well as a lending library. Latest copies of FRN publications are available for download here.

Parents, students, professionals and providers are welcome to drop in during our business hours to pick up brochures and handouts, find out about community events, or borrow books from our library.

While we do not recommend specific providers, schools, programs, treatments or services, we can share information and offer options to help parents choose those that work best for their child and themselves. Tell us what you need and we will find it, or get you connected to someone who can! Our resources page is a good place to start. If you know about a resource that we have overlooked, please call or e-mail us so that we can add it.




我們不會為家庭推薦特定的服務提供者、學校、計劃、治療方法或服務,但是我們可以提供相關資訊和現有服務選擇,以便家長為子女和家庭做最適合的安排。請告知您需要哪些資訊或服務,我們會盡力為您尋找,或讓您與可確實提供協助的人聯繫! 我們的網頁是您取得協助的最佳開端。如果您有我們不知道的資源,請致電或發電子郵件給我們,以便我們將這些寶貴的資訊追加。