Training & workshops

Family Resource Navigators (FRN) is a peer parent resource agency and we offer FREE trainings and workshops for families of children with developmental delays, disabilities and social emotional concerns and professionals. Some of our trainings are:

            IEP Basics (Individualized Education Program - Basics) - This training gives brief     introduction about the IEP process & simple steps for parents to advocate for their children

            Turning 3 - This training gives information about the changes in systems and agencies when children turn 3 years old. Recommended for families with children 2 years and above.

             Turning 5 - This training gives information about steps in transitioning children to K-12 school system. Recommended for families of children in preschool. 

             Overview of systems - Discusses in detail about how to access and benefit from systems like regional center, CCS, school district and insurance.

             Positive parenting techniques - Teaches skills to parents & primary care providers on how to raise socially emotionally balanced children and ways to address & avoid temper tantrums.

             Social emotional development in young children - Discusses the social emotional development in children.

            We can also customize and tailor trainings to suit the needs of your families. 

We offer trainings in English, Spanish and Chinese. Most of our trainings are 1 1/2 to 2 hours long with an optional Q & A at the end. We will come to your place to conduct the trainings. Check out the calendar for more information.

Please email Gomathi at to book your next training!