Who We Serve


The Family Resource Network provides services and information to any family residing in Alameda County with a child 0 to 5 with a developmental delay or disability, or 0-21 with a special health care need.  Services are also available to any family member who works in or needs services in Alameda County as well as families whose children are hospitalized in Alameda County. Families who reside outside of Alameda County can find similar resources in their county of residence by linking to the www.frcnca.org Directory to find your local Family Resource Center. To locate additional Parent Training and Information Centers (PTI, FEC, CPRC) serving families in California click here.

Parents and family members who benefit from FRN’s services include biological, foster, and adoptive parents; grandparents, kinship caregivers, gay and lesbian parents, and extended family members of all backgrounds and income levels.  The families to whom we offer ongoing services are those whose children have needs that meet the eligibility criteria defined in the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA Part B and Part C); or Maternal Child Health Title V/ California Children’s Services (CCS). If you think we can assist you, please call.  If we are unable to help, we will refer you to other community organizations or other support, resources agencies.

If you are concerned about a child's development you may contact us to help assist the family to access diagnostic or developmental assessment for their child.

Professionals may request FRN assistance to help them serve an individual family, locate community resources, or receive technical assistance on issues related to the provision of family centered care. Professional partners may also request FRN staff to serve as speakers or panelists. Professionals can join our email distribution list, attend workshops or download publications.  If you wish to refer a family to FRN, you may ask them to call us directly 510 547-7322.

Students interested in professional careers working with people with disabilities are welcome to call for information about the family experience and community resources.  If you are a student, please call ahead to arrange time for us to assist you.

Who can refer families to FRN? Anyone can refer a family to us, but staff will need the parent's consent before calling a family. Many families contact us directly after learning about our services from a professional, a neighbor, another parent, or from our community outreach materials. FRN has a formal consent for referral process with Regional Center of the East Bay, CCS, local school districts and some pediatric practices.  We also receive referrals from Hospitals, Head Start or Child Care programs and other community organizations who have received a parent’s consent to refer.


All services are free. There are no income requirements. Participation in activities, services or events is voluntary.