By the Numbers: Getting families and kids what they need

OUR IMPACT IN 2021-2022

boy with disabilities in with his sister and mother

We care about getting results with metrics. It's how we know our services make a difference.

Deep down, we know this work makes a difference in the lives of our families. But it's not enough to measure this with a gut feeling. That's why we have a 20+ year commitment to rigorous tracking, surveying and analysis of data. It's how we know if an investment pays off and it's how we are able to make improvements as we go. You'll see that:

  • Families are getting connected to crucial services like MediCal
  • Hundreds of kids are now getting their needs met at school
  • Nearly 1,000 parents are now trained on the art of advocating for their kids
  • Families are getting more money to help take care of their child
  • We had 15,000+ text exchanges with families in a single year
  • 100+ kids with special needs are now getting critical in-home services
Navigation Assistance

Navigation Assistance

There is no one system that helps kids with disabilities. That’s why learning how to be a skilled navigator is key to meet the needs of kids.

  • 1,395 families provided with navigation assistance
  • 24,083 exchanges with families by text, phone or email

  • 2,728 referrals (calls to therapists, agencies and schools for a family)

Support at School

Support at School

Making sure a child has the right “Individualized Education Plan” with the school district is no small task. That’s why our staff accompany parents to hundreds of meetings each year.

  • 505 assisted with connecting/registering for school
  • 155 assisted with IEP meetings/school district advocacy
Medical Therapies

Medical Therapies

Each kid is different and it takes a lot of effort to get them the right medical team or supplies they need.

  • 366 assisted with ABA
  • 61 kids receiving mental health services
  • 33 kids receiving PT/OT
  • 67 assisted with speech and language services
Food or a Home

Food or a Home

Families with special needs also need help with the basics: food, housing, help when experiencing homelessness or transportation to school.

  • 55 assisted to obtain housing
  • 212 people now receiving food support through WIC, Calfresh or food banks


Special health care needs and disabilities can be very expensive to manage, making insurance crucial to keeping a family stable.

  • 90 assisted with insurance grievances
  • 92 assisted with Medi-Cal eligibility
Financial Support

Financial Support

Taking care of a child with complex medical needs means time away from work and more financial strain.

  • 279 families receiving IHSS (In Home Supportive Services)
  • 65 families assisted with CalWorks
  • 17 families assisted with CAPI
  • 151 families assisted with SSI
Child Care

Child Care

Kids with special needs have a harder time finding affordable child care that will welcome them with open arms.

  • 129 kids now receiving subsidized childcare
Skill Building

Skill Building

Parenting is a journey in advocacy. Trainings on how to navigate systems builds necessary skills parents will use throughout their child’s life.

  • 997 parents trained on disability & services
  • 97 parent leaders received 7+ weeks of training


Finding the joy in life is part of childhood, even when you have special health care needs or a disability.

  • 6 year-round playgroups for 36 families
  • 16 fairs or disability-friendly fun events

What does the family survey say?

We survey families annually to make sure our services are meeting their needs. Here's what they say. 


Of parents say they feel our staff are respectful of their family’s culture.

mother holding young son


of parents say they are now stronger advocates for their children.

father holding son over his shoulder


Of parents are more knowledgeable of service systems for children.

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