April Key-Lee

I am a parent of two young boys who love to create marble run contraptions or play puzzle games. In my free time, I love to bake, garden, do crafting projects, or watch anime and Asian TV shows.

Beheschta Barati

Specialty: Dari, Farsi
I think a touch humor is like a bit of spice into your food. I was born in Afghanistan, raised in Germany, living in the East Bay and not sure where I’ll end up. I love traveling and working with multicultural people.

Sonia Waters

I have been working with FRN for over 20 years, and I stay because it is so rewarding to work with families. And I get to see lots of babies, and I do love seeing the babies.

Silvia Gonzalez

Specialty: Spanish
I love the work I do for families! When not working, I spend time with my family. I love taking pictures, and taught everyone at FRN how to take good selfies.

Martha Solis

Specialty: Spanish
I was a volunteer for a long time at FRN before being asked to join staff. I love learning new things, and then sharing them with the community so that parents can help their children.

Emilee Leon

Specialty: Spanish
I have been with FRN more than 10 years now, and I have 3 children. When not busy helping families, I like playing practical jokes – but only on my co-workers.

Betty Wong

Specialty: Cantonese
I was born in Hong Kong. It’s always my pleasure to help the community and Chinese-speaking families. I love purple. You would always see me with purple hair. I love traveling, shopping, trying out new restaurants, learning another culture.

Andrea Pablo

Specialty: Mam, Spanish
I love having a job where I can help my community. There are so few places that people who speak Mam can get the help and support that they need. I am really happy to help FRN be one of them.