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We believe that parents are experts. Ready to help other families and advocate for better policies? Join a cadre of parents supporting other families to make a difference for us all.



Father and daughter with balloons
“I always try to make sure Iyana feels empowered - not shy or timid - at doctor visits and FRN does a great job helping me with that. We are teammates working together to get what she needs.”


Katy holding her certificate.
"FRN is great because they provide a lot of information, they educate us and they give us the opportunity to advocate for our children in the health care and education system. It is a long road raising a child with a disability and it is great to have someone with you on that journey."


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"When my daughter was two, I noticed she was not speaking like other peers of the same age. FRN showed me how to navigate the Alameda county system, to ensure my daughter was connected to the resources and services she needed. Now, I’m on the Family Advisory Committee and I volunteer for FRN so I can help more families learn about services and share my personal experience with them.”

How can I become a parent leader superstar, too?

Project leadership

This 7 week program is for parents who want to be leaders in their community. Offered every year in Spanish and English, the Project Leadership training is for people who want to take the next step in advocating for their community.

IEP mentor training

This 20 week long special education training is a comprehensive overview of the IEP process. You’ll learn how to navigate the IEP process and support other families. This class is web-based.

Peer parent support group training

This full day training focusing on how to give peer to peer support.  The place to start when you want to become a support group or playgroup facilitator.

Parent Champions

Parent Champions outreach to our Alameda County community to help parents of young children hear about Help Me Grow. Champions receive training on navigating systems and peer parent support.

Family Advisory Committees

FRN hosts a number of Family Advisory Committees for California Children’s Services (for families of children with complex medical needs) and for Alameda County Help Me Grow (on services for children 0 to 5). 

Ready to become a leader?

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