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Strengthen your bond with your child

Learn how to strengthen the bond and connection you have with your child every day, during your daily routines to help them learn and grow.

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Checklists for your child

How your child plays, learns, speaks, and acts offers important clues about development. These great checklists help you look at important milestones and offer appropriate interventions.


The IEP Basics Videos

Learn about Individualized Education Plans in English, Spanish and Cantonese.

IEP Timelines

Wondering when the school district needs to get back to you? This quick chart helps you understand the timeline throughout the year.

Understanding KEY Terms & ACRONYMS

A glossary written by parents, for parents

Confused about all the terms and abbreviations that are used to describe services for your child and the agencies that provide them? You are not the only one. Parent leaders at FRN developed a helpful glossary to help you navigate the system and understand what all the words mean and which agencies do what.


Enrolling in school while homeless

If you have uncertain housing, it can be hard to enroll in school. This resource walks you through how to enroll in school and provides someone to call if you’re having problems.

Bruising checklist

What do I do if my child with special needs comes home with an unexplained bruise or injury? This checklist walks through how to document and how to share it with the school district.


Family Cost Participation Program Law

Learn about whether or not your family is impacted by the Family Cost Participation Program (FCPP), a law that requires some families to share in the cost of Respite, Day Care, and Camping services.