Family Resource Navigators

Team & Culture

We tell each other: if you have an emergency at home or with your child, it’s ok to walk out the door.

"Family first" means working more (or less) depending on your financial needs and the needs of your child. It means bringing your infant to work for the first year and working from home when you need to. In a very multicultural office, we celebrate all our children and all our holidays - from Eid to Xmas. We want FRN to be a place where everyone is happy to come to work.

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“I started as a client at FRN. I was able to preserve critical services that could easily be lost. It was important to me that my child have friends and be in her neighborhood school and grow with the kids in her neighborhood. We would not have been able to figure this out without the help of FRN because there are not many who would take our calls.”  -KANAKA



Kanakavalli Kannan

Specialty: Hindi, Tamil
I think it is so important for parents to get the information and tools that they need to become great advocates for their kids. I originally connected with FRN to do that for my family, and now I am proud to share it with others.
Nice to meet you!


Manyee Wong Le

Specialty: Cantonese, Mandarin
I am the very busy mom of two children, and I choose to work at FRN because I think it is important to the community. I really love when I get to work directly with family members and not just in finance.


Carol Cohen

Position: Program Manager
I have been working with children with complex medical needs since 2006. One of the best parts of my jobs is bringing families to the annual Family Voices Health Summit to help families connect with their elected representatives.

Corina Samaniego

Specialty: Spanish
I am a program manager but I have a lot of extra jobs at FRN – as staff ask me for help with their computer or phone. In my spare time, I like spending time with my family, doing crafts and baking.

Kausha King

Position: Program Manager
I love NBA basketball. My family and friends often have to remind me that I am neither a player nor a coach, but this doesn’t stop me from sharing my strategic plays anyway.


Andrea Pablo

Specialty: Mam, Spanish
I love having a job where I can help my community. There are so few places that people who speak Mam can get the help and support that they need. I am really happy to help FRN be one of them.

April Key-Lee

I am a parent of two young boys who love to create marble run contraptions or play puzzle games. In my free time, I love to bake, garden, do crafting projects, or watch anime and Asian TV shows.

Beheschta Barati

Specialty: Dari, Farsi
I think a touch humor is like a bit of spice into your food. I was born in Afghanistan, raised in Germany, living in the East Bay and not sure where I’ll end up. I love traveling and working with multicultural people.

Betty Wong

Specialty: Cantonese
I was born in Hong Kong. It’s always my pleasure to help the community and Chinese-speaking families. I love purple. You would always see me with purple hair. I love traveling, shopping, trying out new restaurants, learning another culture.

Emilee Leon

Specialty: Spanish
I have been with FRN more than 10 years now, and I have 3 children. When not busy helping families, I like playing practical jokes – but only on my co-workers.

Martha Solis

Specialty: Spanish
I was a volunteer for a long time at FRN before being asked to join staff. I love learning new things, and then sharing them with the community so that parents can help their children.

Rocio Peralta

Specialty: Spanish
I joined FRN after being a parent leader. The other staff tease me and say that they always know when I am working because they smell coffee and popcorn – but I like coffee and popcorn.

Sameena Ishaq

Specialty: Hindi, Urdu
I am the warrior mom of two kids and my younger son has a rare disease and has special health care needs. In addition to working at FRN, I co-run the Union City Special Needs Library Playgroups. I have a passion for arts and crafts; yet when I draw a snake it looks like a snail! I enjoy working with families and helping them advocate for services.

Silvia Gonzalez

Specialty: Spanish
I love the work I do for families! When not working, I spend time with my family. I love taking pictures, and taught everyone at FRN how to take good selfies.

Sonia Waters

I have been working with FRN for over 20 years, and I stay because it is so rewarding to work with families. And I get to see lots of babies, and I do love seeing the babies.


Our board is made up of: parents who are great advocates and who want to give back to the community and professionals who dedicate their careers to helping children. All our board members are passionate about our mission and make significant contributions to the families of Alameda County.