Lilian Ansari

Department: Management
Specialty: Persian (farsi)
In Iran, I spent my summers taking care of my cousin with Muscular Dystrophy. Then in the US, I was the primary caregiver for my brother with a Traumatic Brain Injury. My most profound training comes from parenting two kids with disabilities. I am passionate about providing support to other families so they don’t feel alone.

April Key-Lee

Department: Management
Specialty: Intermediate ASL
I have been working with FRN families since 2018. I am a parent of two boys who adore complex contraption games and playing Minecraft. During my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking a variety of foods, DIY projects, and sight-seeing natural wonders with my family.

Corina Samaniego

Department: Management
Specialty: Spanish
I am a program manager but I have a lot of extra jobs at FRN – as staff ask me for help with their computer or phone. In my spare time, I like spending time with my family, doing crafts and baking.

Carol Cohen

Department: Management
I have been working with children with complex medical needs since 2006. One of the best parts of my jobs is bringing families to the annual Family Voices Health Summit to help families connect with their elected representatives.