Mayyadah Zaidani

Specialty: Arabic
I studied democracy and human rights and I am an advocate for women. I love helping others and making more people aware of the services and resources they can be provided with, especially Arab people because I come from the same background as them and want to guide them in the right direction by providing them with useful resources.

Isabel Alvarez

Specialty: Spanish
My son Santi, who is 10 years old, has autism. I attended an FRN support group and from day one I felt welcomed, understood, and started to know about resources for my son. My goal is to help families by connecting them with the system to make their journey a little easier.

Alex Guerrero

Specialty: Spanish
I love working for an organization that does amazing things for the community. I found out about FRN through my mom because FRN helped her in many ways. I love what we do and am so happy to be a part of this team. In my free time, I enjoy fitness and watching movies.

Sameena Ishaq

Specialty: Hindi, Urdu
I am the warrior mom of two kids and my younger son has a rare disease and has special health care needs. In addition to working at FRN, I co-run the Union City Special Needs Library Playgroups. I have a passion for arts and crafts. I enjoy working with families and helping them advocate for services.

Rocio Peralta

Specialty: Spanish
I joined FRN after being a parent leader. The other staff tease me and say that they always know when I am working because they smell coffee and popcorn – but I like coffee and popcorn.

April Key-Lee

Department: Management
Specialty: Intermediate ASL
I have been working with FRN families since 2018. I am a parent of two boys who adore complex contraption games and playing Minecraft. During my free time, I enjoy cooking and baking a variety of foods, DIY projects, and sight-seeing natural wonders with my family.

Kausha King

I have been working with families of children with disabilities for over 20 years. I am the mother to a son with complex healthcare needs. My story is the story of the families we support at FRN. When families connect with FRN, they are supported by experienced and knowledgeable staff who have navigated the same paths. I am an avid NBA basketball fan.

Jan Grossman

Department: Member

Sumita Kalra

Department: Member